Element Celebrates Monterey Car Week

Celebrating Monterey Car Week


Honoring The World’s Most Beautiful Cars

Monterey Car Week celebrates the finest antique automobiles in the world. To honor and preserve that tradition, be practical and tactical about your fire protection. Element never expires, never needs recharging and will always be ready when you need it. You can subtly keep it in the front of your car so it’s ready to use when you need it.

Classic car fire extinguisher

Element fire extinguishers are perfect for any vehicle, especially antique and specialty cars. The extinguisher vapor will extinguish ABCK fires without causing additional damage to hard to find parts or lovingly restored materials. Imagine using a traditional extinguisher with water 😬, or a dry powder extinguisher 😱. Traditional fire extinguishers may cause more damage than the fire itself! The potassium ion vapor of Element extinguishers fight fire on the molecular level dissipating safely without additional damage. In addition, it’s eco-friendly and will not rob breathing oxygen. You will also have a full 50 seconds of extinguishing power. That’s up to 5 times longer than traditional extinguishers. 


Add the E50 or E100:



Add the Tactical Mount.




Place anywhere in your vehicle.

1956 Ferrari GT

 "Race cars are neither beautiful or ugly. They become beautiful when they win."
Enzo Ferrari


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