Porsche engines are located in the rear and is harder to gain access to. When the car has an overheated engine, it can start a car fire.

Car Fire Safety for Rear-Engined Porsches

Rear-Engine Porsches are an engineering marvel. Their elegant styling and smooth suspension are optimal for touring or track. The sophisticated engine famously placed behind the driver has garnered them a respectable reputation. Earlier model Porsches also face a unique set of vehicle fire challenges associated with engines in the rear of a car. This configuration can complicate firefighting efforts and elevate risks during a fire incident. Element offers a great firefighting solution for such fires as its extinguishing agent can quickly and easily reach hard to reach places, even in your older Porsche.

The Anatomy of Car Fires - Rear-Engine Porsche Edition

Vehicle fires are a daunting prospect for any car owner, and rear-engined Porsche owners face a distinct set of challenges. The placement in the rear means that a fire in this area is not immediately visible from the driver's seat, which can escalate rapidly. Especially when fueled further by flammable liquids like gasoline and oil. The fumes of a fire could go unnoticed until it's too late. In the older air cooled Porsche cars, the probability of fire is even greater. The engine runs much hotter compared to the newer liquid cooled Porsches. The hotter engine temperatures present a bigger fire hazard as they put more strain on engine components and hoses that carry flammable liquids in or around the engine. Over time, these components can degrade faster and can cause a car to catch fire. Having an effective fire suppression tool in your vehicle is critically important. 

Image shows how the air flows through the engine to help keep it cool.


Common Cause of Motor Vehicle Fires in a Rear-Engine Porsches

First-hand accounts from rear-engine Porsche owners highlight the sudden and unanticipated nature of vehicle fires. Incidents where mechanical, electrical issues or fuel leaks lead to fires underscore the importance of immediate access to effective fire suppression tools. The compact design of Porsche cars also means that any fire can quickly become hazardous and endanger occupants along with the motor vehicle itself.

Element is ideal for fighting fires in confined spaces. The clean agent vapor envelopes the fire, breaking the chemical chain reaction of fire to extinguish it without causing additional damage or corrosion in the engine. In addition, its compact design and ease of use makes it an ideal choice for a quick response in the case of a fire.

Element is handy when your vehicle catches fire

Efficiency in Confined Spaces: The engine compartment of a Porsche, located at the rear, can be a difficult area to access in the event of a fire. Element's slim profile allows for swift and effective application in tight spaces to ensure that the fire can be combated quickly at its source.

Non-Damaging: Given the complexities and the high value of Porsches; the chemical-free nature of the Element means it can extinguish flames without causing collateral damage to valuable and irreplaceable components or leaving behind harmful residues.

Longer Discharge Time: Unlike traditional fire extinguishers, Element E50 offers 5 times longer discharge time. This provides continuous fire fighting capability that is crucial in a vehicle fire scenario where every second counts.

Portability: The lightweight and compact design of the Element ensures that it can be easily stored within reach in any Porsche. Having an Element by their side provides drivers with peace of mind and an always ready means of fire suppression for the track, road, or garage.

Element is small enough to be easily mounted anywhere in your car. This Porsche has Element mounted on its dash.

Optimal Fire Safety for Your Rear-Engine Porsche

The Porsche Club of America, which Element is approved by, vows a commitment to the welfare of its members and their prized vehicles by advocating for preparedness and safety. Equipping your rear-engine Porsche with Element is a proactive step towards mitigating the risks associated with vehicle fires. It's more than just protecting an investment. It's about ensuring the safety and security of every occupant in the event of a fire. Element allows Porsche owners to enjoy their vehicles' remarkable performance with enhanced safety and peace of mind.

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