An off-road truck sitting at top of a sand dune

The Element Community Roundup: 03/15/2024

Prepare to be inspired by tales of transformation, speed, and youthful ambition in the world of motorsports. This week we experienced the thrilling rebirth of a beat-up truck into an off-road beast. Then we hopped into an adrenaline-inducing test drive where every gear shift told a story through the facial expressions of the driver. Lastly we dive into the story of a young racing star who is making headlines and turning dreams into reality. Buckle up for an inspiring journey that goes full throttle!

Build a Truck in 90 Seconds

Tayota Tacoma striped down to be rebuilt again

Watch the jaw-dropping transformation of a Toyota Tacoma from neglected scrap to off-road beast in a thrilling 90-second time-lapse. Alec Overton condenses his hard work and dedication of 4.5 years into a 90 second reel to show us the meticulous modifications to the engine, suspension, and the body of the truck. The end product is a trail-ready masterpiece! This is a must-watch for automotive enthusiasts and dreamers alike.


Simple Math

Facial expressions of the driver changes as he shifts up in his car

You’re in for a high-octane ride that proves miles per hour equals smiles per second! Tag along with Brian as he takes out his car to test a powerful 2.90 pulley setup. Watch his facial expressions shift as rapidly as his gears! From casual confidence to intense concentration, the dramatic evolution of his reactions tells the whole story without the need of any words.


Champion In The Making

Keaton holding up the magazine he was featured in

We're excited to put Keaton Pipe in the spotlight. He’s a remarkable 14-year-old Canadian racecar and sim racer that we are proud to sponsor! We're thrilled to see his journey and achievements in motorsports be featured in the final print issue of the Inside Track News. His story is not just about racing; it's about ambition, growth, and the drive to help his community with the help of his platform. Don’t miss out on this inspiring read!



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