The Element Community Roundup: 10/27/2023

The Element Community Roundup: 10/27/2023

Buckle up, folks! It's time to revisit some of the most thrilling moments that have roared through our community over the last week. Whether it be on the track or on a dirt path, our braveheart community has been pushing their custom rigs to their limits. They've been conquering mountains, blazing trails, and leaving us in awe.😵✨

Unveiling the Beast


Get pumped for a beautiful custom Chevy truck build ready to conquer any obstacle. In the video, our community member @4x4_rado showcases this beast of a machine as it tears across a challenging dirt track.


Rock Crawl Mayhem - PTR Fall Classic Rock Crawl Event

@mountain Mafia’s PTR Fall Classic Rock Crawl Event brought about some heart-pounding moments. Watch as fearless participants tackle seemingly impossible terrains, pushing their vehicles to the limit. Element was on hand in case things got a little too hot.😎 Check out this thrilling video!


Scaling The Sand Dunes

Watch in awe as @trailtrailerusa conquers the towering sand dunes in their buggy. No obstacle is too great! The sheer determination and skill displayed in this video is sure to leave you inspired.



Building a Car in Thirty Minutes

@StanceWorks condensed their incredible 2.5 year journey of building a Ferrari race car with a Honda engine into a 30-minute spectacle. Watch as the countless hours of dedication, craftsmanship, and passion zip by in this incredible time-lapse video.



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