The Element Community Roundup: 11/10/2023

The Element Community Roundup: 11/10/2023

This week’s social roundup is all about doing great things and getting the recognition it deserves. From building out passion projects with master craftsmanship to leaders motivating future leaders, this week’s stories will inspire the greatness within you.

Old To Gold

@buckylasek, professional Skateboarder & Rallycross driver, shared the latest look of his 98 Subaru GC8 and boy has it come a long way! What started off as a beater is now something to marvel at. The cherry on top for us was seeing our bright red Element contrasting against the interior 😀. Talk about style meets safety! And Guess what he calls his build? Buck It, you won’t get it.


Game Recognizes Game

Keaton Pipe, a remarkable 14-year-old race car driver, received a heartfelt shoutout from one of the NASCAR legends, Joey Logano! Witnessing genuine appreciation from one of the best in the game for Keaton's exceptional achievements, both on and off the track, is truly heartwarming. The future of racing is brilliantly illuminated by young talents like Keaton.


Winter Overlanding Survival Essentials

Get ready for winter overlanding adventures with Phil from @MotoBeemer. He unveils his go-to Vehicle Winter Survival Kit essentials. He suggests the Element Fire Extinguisher, which isn’t affected by extreme weather, needs to be on your list. Discover why it's a must-have for your winter overlanding adventures!



Cage The Beast To Unleash It

Mike from @StanceWorks crosses the point of no return with the installation of a full roll cage into his “Ferrari”, marking the shift from street to track. No longer a road car, he cranked up the performance for the competition. Following this epic build series has been an exciting journey!



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