What’s Your Favorite Element Black Friday Bundle?

What’s Your Favorite Element Black Friday Bundle?

The stories you have shared using Element to fight fires in so many different situations has been inspiring. 

Our First Ever Black Friday Event was inspired by you! We have had messages from customers from all walks of life and we wanted to honor their stories by putting together these Black Friday Bundles where you can save up to 35% off.

Each bundle has been prepared with Element’s advanced fire protection and some fire safety tools that will help protect you and your family. Each bundle features an E50, the world’s smallest and longest lasting clean agent fire extinguisher, of course. For Overlanders and Families, which can sometimes face larger threats, we’ve created their bundles with the E100 as well. 


To keep Element within reach, we’ve paired the perfect fire extinguisher mounts for each bundle. Foodies will want their Element close at hand when they need a kitchen fire extinguisher so we have included the magnetic mount that will affix to most major appliances.

Racers require a car fire extinguisher with a rollbar mount that can securely hold their Element as they zip through the track while Collectors prefer to keep things original, so their bundle includes the tactical sleeve.

Rock Crawlers go to the extreme so we’ve doubled up both the E50s and rollbar mounts in their bundle. Overlanders carry everything, everywhere, so they need extra protection with small fire extinguishers and easy to carry options like the tactical mount with straps.

There is nothing more important than Family and you need to be ready for anything! The Family bundle has 2 E50s, 2 E100s, a variety of mounts and 4 matching caps so no one is left out. Riders don’t require a mount at all, they just need a compact motorcycle fire extinguisher and tools they can rely on by the roadside.


Each bundle includes the Element Multifunctional Fire Tool with Pliers and a powerful 400 Lumen Zoom Flashlight. In case of an emergency these are more than just swag, they could save a life. The Rescue Knife has vehicle specific features, which is why it is not in all bundles. In addition to being a knife, it has a seat belt cutter in the handle and a hardened steel end designed to break glass. These are two critical features if someone is trapped in a vehicle

Why the ballcap? The hat is designed to protect you from the sun while you are waiting for help. Plus, it is a limited edition hat that has been prepared specifically for these bundles that we think looks cool.

Are you shopping for The Rider? The Overlander? Or perhaps you’re interested in the Foodie? Tell us! Let us know which bundles you’re thinking of!



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